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Driving Licences A Guide For Drivers

Driving Licences A Guide For Drivers

This guide has been prepared by Intensive Driving Courses, and is intended to provide general information to help drivers to understand Driving Licences and to stay legal; whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, it is not intended to be a legal guide.

A driving licence includes:


First Names

Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Date of Licence Issue

Date of Licence Renewal

Licence Issuing Authority (usually DVLA)

Driver Number

Licence Holder’s Address

Categories of Vehicle The Licence is Valid For

The reverse side of a driving licence lists every vehicle category, with a valid from and valid to date.

If no dates are shown alongside a vehicle category, there is no entitlement to drive that vehicle category.

Each vehicle category also shows any information or restriction codes that are applicable.

Driving Licence information Codes

Information codes tell you any restrictions to your driving entitlement.

01 eyesight correction

02 hearing/communication aid

10 modified transmission

15 modified clutch

20 modified braking systems

25 modified accelerator systems

30 combined braking and accelerator systems

31 pedal adaptations and pedal safeguards

32 combined service brake and accelerator systems

33 combined service brake, accelerator and steering systems

35 modified control layouts

40 modified steering

42  modified rear-view mirror(s)

43 modified driving seats

44 modifications to motorcycles

(1) single operated brake

(2) adapted front wheel brake

(3) adapted rear wheel brake

(4) adapted accelerator

(5) (adjusted) manual transmission and manual clutch

(6) (adjusted) rear-view mirror(s)

(7) (adjusted) commands (direction indicators, braking light, etc.)

(8) seat height allowing the driver, in sitting position,  to have two feet on the surface at the same time and balance the motorcycle during stopping and standing

(11) adapted foot rest

(12) adapted hand grip

45 motorcycle only with sidecar

46 tricycles only

70 exchange of licence

71 duplicate of licence

78 restricted to vehicles with automatic transmission

79 restricted to vehicles in conformity with the specifications stated in brackets

(02) restricted to category AM vehicles of the three-wheel or light quadricycle type

(03) restricted to tricycles

These restrictions are printed whenever a driver retains implied C1/D1 (NFHR) Not for hire or reward (<8250) not more than 8,250 kg

97 not authorised to drive category C1 which falls within the scope of Council Regulations (EC) NO 561/2006 on tachographs in road transport

101 not for hire or reward

102 drawbar trailers only

105 not more than 5.5m long

106 restricted to vehicles with automatic transmissions

107 not more than 8,250kg

108 subject to minimum age requirements

110 limited to invalid carriages

111 limited to 16 passenger seats

113 limited to 16 passenger seats except for automatics

114 with any special controls required for safe driving

115 organ donor

118 start date is for earliest entitlement

119 weight limit does not apply

121 restricted to conditions specified in the Secretary  of State’s notice

122 valid on successful completion: compulsory basic training (CBT)

123 limited to not more than 5.5m long except for  automatics

124 limited to drawbar trailers only except for automatics

125 tricycle

Changing Your Provisional Driving Licence For A Full Driving Licence

When you pass your driving test, you are legally allowed to drive as a full licence holder immediately, the examiner will give you a pass certificate, which acts as your evidence of entitlement to drive until you exchange your provisional driving licence for a full driving licence.

When you pass your driving test, providing your name and address are the same as shown on your provisional driving licence, the examiner can offer you the option of having your new full driving licence being sent to you automatically.

The examiner will take your provisional licence from you, and arrange for a new full driving licence to be sent to you.

You cannot use the option of having your full driving licence being issued automatically if either your name or address is different from that shown on your provisional driving licence, you also might choose not to use the automatic service if for example you need to retain your provisional driving licence temporarily to use as a form of Identification.

If you do not use the automatic service to exchange your provisional driving licence for a full driving licence, you will need to apply for your driving licence using form D1, which is available from post offices.

If you do not apply for your full driving licence within two years of passing your driving test, a full driving licence will not be issued, and you would need to pass both the theory and practical driving tests again.

Driving Licence Renewal

A driving licence usually has to be renewed every 10 years, the renewal date is shown as item 4b, there are some circumstances that result in shorter renewal periods.

To renew a driving licence use the GOV.UK website

Updating Your Details On Your Driving Licence

It is a legal requirement that your personal details are kept up to date on your driving licence.

Any change of name or address must be notified to DVLA, failing to update your driving licence could result in a fine of up to £1000.

To update a driving licence use the GOV.UK website

Law and Documentation A Guide For Drivers

There are guides for drivers on various subjects regarding law and documentation relating to owning and using a car and to stay legal; whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, they are not intended to be legal guides.

Law and Documentation A Guide For Drivers

Car Insurance A Guide For Drivers

The MOT Test A Guide For Drivers

Road Tax or Vehicle Excise Duty A Guide For Drivers

SORN: Statutory Off Road Notification A Guide For Drivers

Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C A Guide For Drivers

Driving Licences A Guide For Drivers

Driving Licence Categories: What Can I Drive? A Guide For Drivers

Viewing Or Sharing Driving Licence Information A Guide For Drivers

Driving Licence Points A Guide For Drivers

Medical Conditions And Driving Licences A Guide For Drivers